April 26, 2019

Term Two -------- All you need to know--------

Kia Ora Te Pihinga families.

We trust your holidays went well.
Lyndon and I are excited about what Term Two will bring for our learners.

Nuts and Bolts:

  • Our library day is still on Wednesday.
  • Every Child requires headphones for school.
  • Most notices go out via this blog or seesaw ... but please check your children's bags for notices every now and then.
  • Toys are not a good idea to bring to school.  Last term we had a lot of stealing take place.  We have plenty of wet day activities for your children to do if stuck inside.
  • Reading books that go home.  Last term we noticed a lot of books either did not make it home or were not read at home.  Because of this, we have decided to change the way we send readers home.  For this week your child will not bring home a home reader until FRIDAY.  Then they will bring home 4 books - that they have read during the week and they can keep them at home until the following FRIDAY.  Then we will exchange books for the next week.  This allows your child to read at their leisure - also allowing reading to take place during the weekends if your weeknights are jam-packed with activities - or your child is too tired to enjoy this experience with a family member.  Please ensure your child has a reading bag especially heading into wetter weather.  Home readers will ONLY come home with learners who are reading on the colour wheel (red to purple levels).  Our more independent readers are encouraged to choose a book of their choice and read independently each night for at least 20 minutes.  Please pop in to see Wendy or Lyndon if you are unsure where your child is at with their reading.
  • School Reports.  Some learners will bring home school reports at the end of Week 3 this term.  Some learners will bring home school reports at the end of Week 10 this term.  We send home reports at different times of the year depending on your child's birthdate and/or time spent at school.
  • We are LOVING seesaw and it is so great to see so many parents interacting with their children.  If you are having any problems with Seesaw please pop in to see one of us.
And lastly please remember we are available to chat with you if you need us.  Please either email to make a time or come between 8.20 and 8.50 as after that we do need to be available for our learners and their needs.

Ngā Mihi
Wendy and Lyndon.

April 7, 2019

Week 11

Wow Week 11 Already!

It is very hard to believe that just 11 weeks ago we began our 2019 journey with our Te Pihinga learners!

This week we are taking part in some Tennis Lessons on Monday - so please make sure your child comes to school with appropriate footwear.

We also have a Whakangahau presented by Tuhono on Friday at 2.15.  Our easter raffle draw will take place then .... have you returned your tickets?

On Thursday we will be sending home readers with some of our learners.  There will be 10 books that your child is familiar with.  Please encourage your child to read one book per day over the holidays to keep their mileage up.  We appreciate your support with this.

Your children have worked extremely hard this term.  They have learnt new routines, new systems and most of all new maths, reading, and writing strategies to improve in these areas.  They have had soccer skills, regular fitness and aquatic lessons to improve both their fitness and skills in these areas.  They have also produced some stunning artworks and worked collaboratively in both small and large groups to achieve Wildly Important Tasks of investigating their own choice of animal or insect and creating a poster to advertise how our new Buddy Bench will be used.  They have learnt how to make new friends and how to manage themselves and their gear at school.  They have spent time singing Waiata and other songs of their choosing.  They have learnt how to make choices in their learning and how to manage their time effectively.

They have also managed to keep the deck clean for nearly the whole term!  If they continue to keep it clean this week there is a whole class reward on Friday of an iceblock (lemonade popsicle)  coming their way.  If you do not want your child to have this reward on Friday please email one of the teachers.

Reports for some of your children will be coming home AFTER the holidays.

Last week as a whole school we also raised over $300 towards the 'I am hope' promotion that provides mental health care for New Zealand kids... thanks so much for your support!

So thanks for a great term .... Lyndon and I are looking forward to some non-contact time to write reports, catch up on paperwork and fingers crossed also have a break and spend some quality time with our own families.

Have safe and happy holidays.
Wendy and Lyndon.

April 1, 2019

Fun for this Friday ........

Please wear your gummies 
(or be creative and make your own Gumboot wearable art) 
and bring a gold coin to support this important cause.

Join the nation and support Mental Health.
Ngā Mihi