March 24, 2019

Week 9

Welcome to Week 9

This week we have many of our learners taking part in the Weetbix Tryathlon - it is so great to see you having a go at something new - Kia Kaha!

We also have been doing a lot of standardised testing over the past week and it has been great to see our tamariki persevere and not get upset by these tests.  We use these tests to refine personalised learning tasks to your child's needs.

We are about to share with you an email that asks you to sign up to our new way of sharing your child's learning - this is via the app SEESAW.  
We are no longer using blogs as the app that made it really easy to post learning experiences no longer exists and SEESAW is a great replacement.  We will share with you all the relevant information and please be patient as we are also learning how this new system works.  We will continue to have this Class Blog.
Our school guidelines are as follows:
Through using Seesaw students will be able to:
  • Share their learning with families
  • Actively act as responsible online digital citizens
  • Learn about staying safe online
  • Develop and use the language of Learning through sharing not only finished products but the process of learning too.
  • Understand and use the co-constructed criteria to support robust posting of learning.
  • Make good choices around what they wish to post on their site and justify their decisions (Age appropriate)
  • The frequency of posting can vary between students. Some support/tracking of this may be necessary.
  • Teachers will use opportunities within Seesaw to enhance cross-competency skills and key attitudes.

This is a work in progress and while we will begin to send out emails asking you to join .... we do not anticipate sharing learning with you until Term 2.

It has been wonderful to hear from families how happy their children are and how they are really noticing how 'grown up' and 'independent' their children are with packing their bags.... bringing home readers and making good learning choices.  

We love this positive feedback!  

And last but not least Mr Young will be on release on
Friday and Mrs Scott will be at school ..... we feel an ART DAY coming on ......

Have a great week
Wendy and Lyndon.

March 16, 2019

Week 8

Hello and welcome to Week 8.

This week we are hosting whole school Whakangahau starting at 2.15pm and finishing at 3:00pm.

Your child will have a choice if they wish to have a speaking part or not.  We will be hosting other
assemblies this year and it is ok if your child decides not to be a host.  As most of our mahi is on our walls it will not be an assembly to showcase our talents - but rather one to explain our Key Attitudes at Frankley School.  All Family is welcome to attend.

Our pool is now closed.  There will be no more swimming.  Massive thanks to the families who supported our kids by keeping it clean over a wonderful summer.

We have some students getting to school before the teachers.  This is very dangerous.  Students are not able to come into the classroom until 8.20.  If they arrive earlier they must wait at the hall.

Thank you to those parents who are supporting your child's learning by reading with them at home or practising their spelling words with them.  We can see this support in their learning.  A reminder we do not send home weekly spelling a list went home at the start of this term with highlighted words for your child to be practising.

Sadly we have had some stealing occur in Te Pihinga.  The items that have gone missing are TOYS that children are bringing to school.  The most effective way to stop this from happening is to stop bringing TOYS to school.  We have had to ban Pokemon Cards and Bey Blades are about to be next if they continue to be a problem.  Please speak with your child about this and make a decision together.  

Ngā Mihi
Wendy and Lyndon 

March 9, 2019

Welcome to Week 7!

Kia Ora Koutou

The term appears to be                            zooming by!

What do you need to know about this week:

Wendy is on Release on Tuesday and will be busy writing reports so Mrs Tania Scott will be in the classroom with Lyndon.

We are no longer having swimming as a class.  The water is just too cold to take specific lessons.  At this stage, there may still be an opportunity for your child to have a lunchtime swim if the teacher on duty is happy to take it.

Your child may come home and talk to you about taking tests over the next two weeks.  We are about to start our P.A.T and S.T.A.R tests.  These are tests that all New Zealand children do from Year 3.  It is really important that you and your child understand that these are not anything to be STRESSED about.  A test gives us valuable information for our programmes.  They help us to personalise teaching and we also stress that they are only a SNAPSHOT of what your child knows.  P.A.T maths tests are done online and S.T.A.R (language analysis)  are done in a booklet.

Hockey, Miniball/Basketball and Netball notices have all been advertised and sent home over the past week..... if you have missed any of these please contact Lyndon or Wendy ......ASAP!

Home readers do not seem to be making the trip home... please check with one of us if your child should be reading a book from the teacher.  This reading at home is so important to support our programmes at school.

Lastly I hope you have all enjoyed your long weekend and the kids have HEAPS to write about on Tuesday.

Ngā Mihi Nui
Wendy and Lyndon.

March 2, 2019

Week 6

Kia Ora Koutou

Week 6 is upon us!

We are really into the swing of things in Te Pihinga now.  Our learners are fully able to use the Online Classroom to support their learning and the classroom feels alive and humming!

It was so great to see our tamariki HAVE A GO at the Splash and Dash and mini Triathlon.  It is so important for kids to try new experiences, taking that first step is often the hardest. 

This week we are talking with Te Pihinga learners about having a positive Growth Mindset and how sometimes they may find themselves in the 'Learning Pit'.  Please chat with your child about how you have felt at different times in your lives when trying new things.  We can all relate to the learning pit!

Lyndon and I will not be in class on Wednesday this week as we have a release day.  We will be onsite.  Mrs Erin Smith and Mrs Tania Scott will be our relievers for the day.

We are having a MASSIVE push for our kids to take ownership of keeping our deck outside our classroom clean.  Far too much clothing is being left behind each day - they can do this and if they succeed there is a treat in store for them at the end of the term!  Gotta love incentives!

We have had real problems with Pokemon Cards and Toys being bought to school.  We are not the fun police but we need to really remind families and tamariki that they bring these items to school running the risk they may get broken, go missing or cause arguments that need to be solved by the children - NOT the teachers.  If this is a problem - leave these things at home.

Please check your child's bag for letters and home readers.  Winter sports notices are beginning to come home - Miniball/basketball has already been sent, hockey and netball are next to come home.  Soccer and Rugby are not offered at school - you need to register with a club.  Please come and see one of us if you would like more information about club sports.

The pool is getting REALLY cold.  We have decided that for this week we will offer a 'free swim' to our learners from 12.30 to 12.50 each day.  It is up to your child if they wish to go swimming or not at this time.  Please have a chat with your child about this.

Please check with us if you think your child should be bringing home a home reader every day .... it appears some of your children may have been telling you no ..... and yet the books are being given to them ..... thanks.

And last but not at all least - SFRC has their AGM this Wednesday at 7.00pm in the staffroom ..... Wendy is the teacher representative and she would love some company .... who wants to attend the meeting with her?  Mums, Dads, Uncles, Aunties and Grandparents all invited!
When: Wednesday 6th March, 7:00 pm
Where: School Staffroom
Please come along to share your thoughts and see what we do.  We have had quite a few parents move on as their children have left school and we could do with some fresh blood to keep all of our initiatives going.

Here is to a great Week 6!
Ngā Mihi
Lyndon and Wendy