February 24, 2019

Term One Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 - Halfway through Term One!
What we need to know about this week:

Reading Books:
Our Reading Programme has begun.  As explained at our information evening - some of our children will be bringing home a daily reader that they have read with one of us at school.  Some of your children will not - and are encouraged to read books of their choosing and interests for at least 20 minutes each day.  Currently, with swimming, we do not have literacy on a Wednesday but your child will bring home a library book.
This reading should not become a battle.  If you would like strategies for how to keep this a calm and fun experience we are happy to invite you in to watch our lessons or simply come and have a chat with one of us.  Key points to remember are:

  • Choose a time when they are well fed, not tired and not rushed.
  • If reading becomes a battle at home simply stop and let us know at school.
  • They do not need to read EVERY page aloud.  You can have them read to you, to the family pet, in their heads and then retell the story.  

On Friday your child bought home a list of highlighted words that they got incorrect in our spelling testing.  These are words they will be learning as part of their literacy programme at school.  If you want to work with your child on these words at home - you now have the lists to do so.  We will check in again with your child's spelling progress at the end of term two - where they will get an updated list.  How can we learn our words at home?
  • There are many free apps you can use to help practice your spelling - just search the app store for spelling apps.
  • Chalk outside on the concrete works a treat.
            • Put the words in a highly visible place .... the back of the toilet door is as good a place as any.

Beach Day:
Tomorrow - weather permitting we will be going as a whole school to Ngamoutu beach for whole school day out.  We have had 2 lovely parents offer to go in the water to supervise your children.  At the moment this is not enough and if our ratio does not work your children will not be able to get in.  If you are coming along please pack your togs to help us out.

Splash and Dash/Triathalon:
Frankley School Splash and Dash - Friday, March 1st

We are having a whole school Splash and Dash - This is for ALL age groups and we are aiming for a 100% give it a go attitude. This will involve a sprint from the start line and a splash/swim through the pool and a short run to finish off. After this event, there is an opportunity for those children who would like to bring their bikes to have a go at a Triathlon. Your child must be able to put on their own helmet and shoes independently and be able to confidently ride on grass. Parents will not be able to access the bike area so to ensure this is a fun event please do not send your child to school with a bike to do the triathlon unless you are completely confident they can manage themselves. We would really appreciate your support with this important criteria. There will be a roped off area between the trees along the along the path for children to place their bikes on Friday.
Date: Friday, March 1
Time: 10.45 am
Where: School Field
Equipment: Splash and Dash - togs, towel 

Triathlon - togs, towel, bike, helmet, shoes

Lost Property:

We seem to have a lot of lost property at swimming time.  Please check your child's bag and if they have mistakenly picked up someones else togs please make sure they come back to school ... one of our class members is three pairs down!  Lyndon and Wendy clear out the changing rooms after we have had our swimming time - but it is your child's responsibility to check they have all their belongings.  Our lost property bins located over by the hall are overflowing so please send your child to check those bins first!

SFRC (Social Fund Raising Committee) Walkathon:
Thank you to all the families from Te Pihinga who participated in the first SFRC fundraiser for 2019.  It is so great to see the community coming together.  If you are interested in seeing what SFRC meetings are like come along to our AGM on March 6th.  7.00 pm in the staffroom.  Wendy Parkes is the teacher representative so you will know someone there!  We really would like to see some new faces and being Te Pihinga parents you are our targets .... as we have given you a break from Kindy committees and we can still use your help for 3  more years!    There are no HUGE roles - every little bit counts - come along and see for yourself.

Reporting to Parents:
Some of you may be used to receiving a written report for your child in Term One.  When your child is Year 0,1,2 and 3 reports are written dependent on the anniversary of when they started school.  6 months, 1 year, 18 months and so on.  This reporting meant that national standards could be reported on at 6 month anniversaries.  Due to the high number of children in Te Pihinga in term one requiring reports, and the fact that 6 weeks is a very short time to really get to know our learners,  our leadership team has changed the date for these reports to go out.  They will now be going out at the start of Term 2.  This is great not only for the teachers to really get to know your learners and report accurately - but also for the parents to receive a report that really reflects your child's strengths, weaknesses and next steps.  Thank you for your understanding.

Online Classroom Activities:

Our Te Pihinga learners are really enjoying accessing their learning from the online classroom.  They are navigating the pages well and making good choices to maximise their learning time.  I am sure that many of our learners have shared this resource with you - which is fabulous.  It is really important however that you do not have your child do these activities as homework.  This is because then they will not have the activity to do at school.  Thank you for your support with this.

Fingers crossed for lovely weather tomorrow - keep an eye out on our Facebook page or info from the Frankley App if there is a cancellation.
Ngā Mihi
Wendy and Lyndon.

February 17, 2019

Term One Week Four

Welcome to Week Four!

Congratulations to those who managed a 5 day week last week - phew that was a shock to the system for us all!  It was really exciting to see our Te Pihinga kids stepping up to the new challenges in their learning - there is LOTS to learn about our systems and style of learning and the kids are taking to them like ducks to water!

We will try to put weekly information on our blog to keep our families in the loop so please let your friends of Te Pihinga know to subscribe to our blog to receive these updates.

We are beginning our literacy programme this week. 
(Thursday). Some of your children will be bringing home readers to read at night.  These will be familiar to your child and yes, you may have seen them in 2018.  This is OK as the reading at home should not be a challenge (they get the challenge in class with the teachers).  We would like your children to start getting used to reading to themselves and then maybe sharing about the book with an adult (retelling and recalling events) rather than reading aloud to an adult (again they do this with the teachers at school).  Some of your children will NOT be bringing home readers.  They are instead expected to start exploring the many, mini-chapter book series we have at school - or from the town library.  We want these readers to read for pleasure and self-select text they are interested in.  It would be wonderful for these readers to read for a minimum of 20 minutes each night.  Please check your child's bag on THURSDAY to see if they have bought home a home reader - and if you are not sure flick us an email and we will confirm with you our expectation.

We still have some teary children in the morning.  We can assure you that they are perfectly fine by the time we have done the roll.  We have found that by dropping your child at the gate - instead of to the classroom really helps them to gain that confidence to start the day as they walk down the path.  Incentives (like a sticker chart)  from home are also a good way to encourage your little one to be brave.

We also are really trying to have your 6 and 7 year old responsible for their own clothing and bag packing.  Meeting them at the gate at 3 instead of at the classroom deck will help them with this independence.  Thanks for your support with this.

This Thursday is our Annual School Walkathon.  This is the first event organised by our SFRC (Social Fund Raising Committee).  We have had two wonderful parents offer to help and need 3 more to cook sausages or sell jucies for the event to run smoothly.  Please contact wendyp@frankley.school.nz if you can help.  Our SFRC has dropped dramatically in size as many of our members had children in Year 6 last year - we need your support to keep raising funds for your children.  Be brave and come along to the next meeting - you will have fun - meetings are relaxed, informal and a great way to meet other families in our Frankley Community.

Beach Day : Monday 25th February: If the weather is not fine the day will be cancelled.  We need parents prepared to get into the water to monitor our swimmers .... as well as parents to spend the day with us building sand castles and exploring the beach.  If you can help please let Lyndon or Wendy know. 

Sickness - we often find with 6 and 7-year-olds bugs spread fast in Te Pihinga.  We think it is because they are busy wiggling teeth and often putting their fingers in their mouths.  At the moment we do have a tummy bug doing the rounds and sore throats.  If your child is unwell PLEASE keep them home until they are better.  This helps with keeping others well including the adults in the room!  Please remind your child about washing hands and etiquette of after blowing noses on tissues - to put tissues in the bin - not relying on someone else to do it!

And finally Touch Rugby starts tomorrow - Both Lyndon and I are involved with teams and will be heading out to Oakura at 3.15 on Mondays - so please note we will not be available for meetings on Monday afternoons for the next 6 weeks - thanks for your understanding.

Lyndon and Wendy.

February 8, 2019

Attention Te Pihinga Parents

What a wonderful week we have had in Te Pihinga.  It has been great to have all our tamariki bring their togs to school to enjoy our pool.

A change for you all to take note of.  Our library day will now be WEDNESDAY. All children are expected to have book bag to transport books to and from school. 

Also next week we are exploring our individual Pepeha as part of our literacy programme.  We would love it if you could email us a family pic that we are able to print and use as a wall display.  

Please email either lyndon@frankley.school.nz or wendyp@frankley.school.nz.

Have a great weekend.

Wendy and Lyndon.