January 30, 2019

Te Pihinga Stationery - Please Read this!

What a great day we are having today with meeting our Te Pihinga Whānau!

Some of our super kids have already bought their stationery from the school office and I have just had a peek inside... and noticed an error from Office Max!  

They have put in this book:
Instead of this book:
Can we please ask (if it is not too late) that you do not write your child's name on the RED book as we can exchange it for the correct one as it is the error of Office Max.  Just bring it along to Te Pihinga (not the office)  and we will send it back when we have everyones.  If you have already written on the red book we will make sure to use it during the year.

Please share this post with all your 
Te Pihinga friends.

Wendy and Lyndon.

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