January 31, 2019

Whānau Information Evening
Tuesday 5th February
You are invited to come along for an informal chat.

What: How we teach and learn in Te Pihinga

When: Tuesday 5th February.
 Times are listed in this weeks school newsletter out tomorrow.

Who: All your family are welcome - as we are having a whole school picnic on the field.

Why: To share with you how your children will be learning in Te Pihinga.

Please click on this link to add any specific queries you want to be answered on the night.

Thanks for your time.
Lyndon and Wendy.

January 30, 2019

Te Pihinga Stationery - Please Read this!

What a great day we are having today with meeting our Te Pihinga Whānau!

Some of our super kids have already bought their stationery from the school office and I have just had a peek inside... and noticed an error from Office Max!  

They have put in this book:
Instead of this book:
Can we please ask (if it is not too late) that you do not write your child's name on the RED book as we can exchange it for the correct one as it is the error of Office Max.  Just bring it along to Te Pihinga (not the office)  and we will send it back when we have everyones.  If you have already written on the red book we will make sure to use it during the year.

Please share this post with all your 
Te Pihinga friends.

Wendy and Lyndon.

January 27, 2019

Students Talents Interests and Needs - STIN Interviews

Kia ora koutou

A very warm welcome to Te Pihinga for 2019. We are very much looking forward to the year
and supporting your child in their learning journey. To those returning to our Hub, we look
forward to continuing the journey.

We thought we would put a few notes together to help prepare for the S.T.I.N. interviews
next Wednesday 30 January. S.T.I.N. interviews help us to learn about your child’s Strengths,
Talents, Interests and Needs.

These interviews are for you and your child to talk to us. We are interested in hearing about
anything you can share that could help with their engagement, their interest in learning,
things that may impact on your child’s year in Te Pihinga.

Please feel free to make a few notes to bring. You may wish to talk to your child and form
notes together.

Some ideas for you.

What are your child’s interests, hobbies, chosen recreational activities at home?

What are your child’s passions, hates, loves?

What annoys them? At home and at school.

What have been the successes in your child’s learning at school?

What have been the challenges for your child’s learning at school?

How hard do they persist at tasks?

How do they react to new ideas?

How do they cope when working/socialising with others?

Have they any fears, home or school?
What activities would your child like to be involved in at school?

What are the best strategies used at home to encourage your child to join in..try
something new…?

Does your child share school successes/problems or concerns with you?

If there was one thing you could tell me to help your child with their learning in 2019
what would it be?

What else would you like to share? What would your child like to share??

We would encourage you to follow our class blog to keep up to date with what is going
on within our Hub. We can also be contacted via email with lyndon@frankley.school.nz
and wendyp@frankley.school.nz.

See you all soon.

Ngā mihi nui

Wendy and Lyndon.

January 24, 2019

Welcome to 2019

Welcome to our 2019 Te Pihinga Whānau!
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We are so looking forward to 2019 and can't wait to meet you all at the Student Talent, Interest and Need meetings to be held on:

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Ngā Mihi
Lyndon and Wendy