February 26, 2018

Water Saving Tips - Myra Singh

These water saving tips were created by Myra during the school shut down last week.  

February 19, 2018

Exercise and Fitness

Today we looked at how important exercise and food are to help fuel our brains.  If your child has been discussing brain scans this image from Dr. Chuck Hillman from the University of Illinois will explain.  It is great to see all our learners actively taking part in our fitness programme.  

February 11, 2018

Welcome to Week Three.

Kia Ora everyone.
Week three is already here and we have a full on week for all.
This week: Monday 12 February to Friday 16 February 

STIN Interviews: Strength, Talent, Interest and Needs Interviews - This is information that parents share on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.  You should have received an invite via email to book a time.  If not please contact the office to check your contact details are up to date.

Your child will bring home spelling words in their red notebook.  These are words or groups of words that are essential for your child to learn in order to further their skills in literacy.  We encourage you to experiment with your child the best way for them to learn these words.  
Ideas are
  • to write them on the concrete outside
  • to make the words out of playdough
  • write them in a tray of sand or rice
  • verbalise them with an adult or sibling

There are so many ways to learn spelling words, your children will be tired so please do not make this learning a chore or a battle - if they groan - leave it alone!  We do work on spelling patterns at school.

Your child will also bring home a home reader this week.  These books may be books you have already seen coming home.  Do not panic!  We believe home readers should be a pleasure - not a chore!  Your child does their specific reading at school with a teacher and home reading should be an easy read.  We actively encourage our Te Pihinga learners to self-select books of their choice to read.  As your child moves forward in reading they move from LEARNING TO READ to READING TO LEARN which also means reading for enjoyment.  In particular, we encourage our Year 3 learners to be able to choose small chapter books from the library for their home readers.  We do not write the home readers in the red notebook - if you wish to that is your choice. We encourage reading for at least 20 minutes per day after school.  This can be magazines, articles, online stories, or a good old book!

We use maths in real life everyday.  We would love it if you could have conversations in the car or strolling home after school about numbers that come before or after a given number.  Put math questions in real life situations Eg; If you had 15 apples at the start of the week and ate one every day - how many at the end of the week would be in the fruit bowl. Involve your kids with cooking, measuring and fractions are always part of the cooking process.

Swimming: Please make sure togs are in school bags every day.
Library: Our day to visit the library is THURSDAY.
Before School: We cannot be responsible for children prior to 8.30 - we are often involved in meetings before school.
After School: The Walking School Bus starts this week - we would love it if our kids were involved in this.
Contact Us: We can be contacted best by popping in - between 8.30 and 8.45 or by emailing us on bonnie@frankley.school.nz and wendyp@frankley.school.nz

Nga Mihi
Bonnie and Wendy