October 27, 2017

We are in!!

Yay we are in our new space!

We feel very privileged to have such a clean, warm, learning environment to teach in - and for our learners to thrive in.

Like our new Minister of Education stated earlier this week, Modern Learning Environments are NOT just two classes with the walls opened up.
With the correct pedagogy (teachers upskilling) these environments enable learners to make choices that enhance their learning experience. 
They allow students choice and the ability to collaborate in ways that suit their learning at that particular time.

A massive thank you to our learners for embracing the change of space while we were in the hall, and now we get to enjoy the NEW space we have.

PS: We have seven spots - only 7 to fill for our carnival jobs.   If you have not already PLEASE pop into Te Pihinga and put your name on our list.

Many Thanks Bonnie and Wendy .


  1. I think that the new classroom is cool because the walls have special fabric to put our artwork on. I totally like the colour of the walls. It is a nice space to learn in.