October 31, 2017

Term 4 Spelling Lists

Today your child will be bringing home a list with highlighted spelling words.  These are the words they will learn for the term.  We will not be putting them in notebooks due to the busy nature of term 4 and the after school activities your child is involved in.

October 27, 2017

We are in!!

Yay we are in our new space!

We feel very privileged to have such a clean, warm, learning environment to teach in - and for our learners to thrive in.

Like our new Minister of Education stated earlier this week, Modern Learning Environments are NOT just two classes with the walls opened up.
With the correct pedagogy (teachers upskilling) these environments enable learners to make choices that enhance their learning experience. 
They allow students choice and the ability to collaborate in ways that suit their learning at that particular time.

A massive thank you to our learners for embracing the change of space while we were in the hall, and now we get to enjoy the NEW space we have.

PS: We have seven spots - only 7 to fill for our carnival jobs.   If you have not already PLEASE pop into Te Pihinga and put your name on our list.

Many Thanks Bonnie and Wendy .

October 24, 2017

Carnival Helpers Needed - Thanks to the four families who put their hands up this weekend!

Our major fundraiser for your children is on November 12.
Each hub has a list of activities that we need to find a helper or two for.  So far we have had 22  families offer to help us in some capacity.

We have these spots needing to be filled - please either pop in to write your name up or email us on wendyp@frankley.school.nz or bonnie@frankley.school.nz

Smash Palace: 1 adult needed to take the money.
Times to be filled:    Yay this slot now filled 
                               12 Noon to  1.00
                                 1 pm to 2 pm

Lucy Square: 1 adult needed to take the money.
Times to be filled:      10.45  to 12 Noon
                                    Yay this slot now filled 
                                   1 pm to 2 pm

Fishing: 1 adult needed to take the money.
Times to be filled:      Yay this slot now filled 
                               Yay this slot now filled 
                                 1 pm to 2 pm

Sumo Wrestling: 1 adult needed to take the money and  1 adult to help people into suits.
Times to be filled:   Yay this slot now filled 
                               12 Noon to  1.00
                                 1 pm to 2 pm

Coconut Shy: 1 adult needed to take the money. 1 Child to get the balls.
Times to be filled:      Yay this slot now filled 
                               Yay this slot now filled 
                                 1 pm to 2 pm

Remember all this money goes directly to your child's education - Thanks, heaps in advance

Also, an empty plastic bag went home today - please fill it with goodies for the garage sale and return to school TUESDAY

Kind Regards
Bonnie and Wendy

Blessing our new classroom Te Pihinga

Blessing Te Pihinga

Today we were lucky enough to go over to our new classroom to bless it.

Mr Ritai led us in a Karakia.

Kingston and Sarah were given the very special job to sprinkle sacred water from our Maunga into all the spaces.

We then all touched the walls to give them some of our strength and wairua.







We will be moving in over the course of the week.
If all goes well we will be in there Monday 30th October.

October 17, 2017

How great are our learners

What a great group of learners we have in Te Pihinga.

We are so lucky as teachers to have learners who are eager to come back to school and want to get straight into their learning.

Day two and you could nearly hear a pin drop ..... lots of 
collaboration  and

Everything we want to see happening in our learning environment.

October 13, 2017

Term Four in Te Pihinga!

A warm welcome to Term Four!

I trust the holidays have gone well for you all - fingers crossed the rain has done its dash and there is a LOT of sunshine coming our way in the next few weeks.

Term Four is a very busy term.

Our classroom is looking AMAZING and we will be ready to move back in, in the next week or so.  It is all insulated, new windows and the SPACE created is just fabulous.  We have really enjoyed our time in the hall, and initially were reluctant to move back into our original classroom - however, after looking through it today we just can't wait!

Touch Rugby, Summer Netball, Cricket are all go this term.  Please be patient with updates on whether these games are going ahead week by week.  We (Teachers and coaches) find out at often at the last minute if games have been cancelled or times changed.  Please make sure your contact details are up to date and you have downloaded our school App as last-minute updates will be posted on this.

Year 4 Reports will go home just prior to mid-term.
Children who are Year 3 and receiving progress or achievement reports will get theirs near the end of the year.

Reading/ Spelling/ Math Homework:
Please speak to your children about the expectations we have of them in these areas.  They do know what is expected and should be able to explain this to you.  If you are not getting a clear answer PLEASE contact us via email or pop in for a chat.

Life Education Trust
We are lucky enough to have Harold and his team visit us in Week 2 of this term.  Te Pihinga will be focusing on looking at Body Systems - how to keep our bodies clean and working the best they can.

Frankley School Carnival
A massive thank you for all the food donations - we won the milo/ movie munchies!!  As of yet, we do not know when we will do this - but will try to ensure all our Te Pihinga learners are at school to enjoy it.  (We will have to be extra careful to NOT spill any milo on our new carpet!).  Our carnival is less than a month away.  There is a dedicated team of about 10 parents who organise this event.  This term we will be asking for parents, teenage siblings (over 14 yrs) or any other family member (grandparents/aunty/uncle/cousin) to help us on the day for one hour to work at a station.  This carnival is our best fundraiser and we NEED YOUR SUPPORT.  All money raised goes directly to your childs learning - whether it be to keep the pool maintained, buy books for the library or purchase sports gear.  Keep an eye out for a timetable to pop your name on to give your time.

We are really looking forward to all the positive learning that is going to take place in Te Pihinga this term.  Remember we are easily contacted on our email addresses or pop in and see us at a suitable time.

Kind Regards
Wendy and Bonnie