March 15, 2017

Swimming in Te Pihinga

The weather has not been our friend this summer!
In Te Pihinga we have managed to swim most days.... but it really is just getting so cold for us now!
The pool is now too cold to even showcase our talents to our whanau - so here are a few snaps of what we have got up to:

We all put our heads under the water. 
(many of us need to learn how to dry our hair when we get out!)

We all can move around the pool whether it be running, using a flutterboard, streamlined arms and bodies, or swimming with breathing on the side.

We all can float on our backs

We all can float on our fronts

We all like to have a go at handstands,
dolphin dives, front and back rolls and swimming under each other's legs when we play 'stuck in the mud'.

We all love our swimming time - and would love it more if it was warmer... so if anyone gets a lotto win ... consider our pool for some heating!

Many thanks to the wonderful families who kept our pool clean and filled to brim for us to enjoy.

PS: Keep bringing your togs - if we get a sunny day we may just break the ice and hop in!

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