August 29, 2016

Scholastic Book Fair

Mum & Dad

I will do the dishes...
I will wash the car...
I can hang out that washing...
I will tidy the lounge...
I can set the table...
I can clean my room...

Because the Scholastic Book Fair is at
Frankley School this week...
I have a wish list of amazing books I would like to buy.
Every book the school sells we get tokens for school library books.   

Come along to school on Tuesday - Friday and the book fair will be on display in the library.  

Late night is Thursday until 6:30pm

August 26, 2016

Its Multiplication and Division time in Team 67

It's time to learn the times tables and the division facts that work in partnership!
There is no special way to learn these - whatever suits you best - but the faster you can recall these facts the easier problem solving can be.
Family at home please encourage and support your child to learn these facts ... a poster on the back of the toilet door works wonders!
There are also some great websites to explore.
Have fun with this learning - challenge family members at home as to who has the quickest and most accurate recall.
Thanks for your support!

August 22, 2016

Our Wit in progress!!

Our Wildly Important Task - Wearable Art is taking shape.

Please discuss with your child what their theme creation is based on and help them to gather the items and materials they are responsible for bringing.

We still have a number of groups that can not start creating due to the lack of resources they have gathered.
Thanks for your support with this W.I.T

August 10, 2016

Having a Spring Clean Out? - Don't Throw That Out We Will Use It!

Part of our WIT learning this term is to design and create a wearable art costume that reflects symbols and themes of Taranaki.

Over the next few weeks, we will be collecting items to help enhance our creations.
If you or any family members have any items that you can donate for our creations we will happily accept.

Items such as:
chicken wire
bubble wrap
old baskets
costume jewellery

basically, anything that can be upcycled

Once the designs have been finalised by groups they may need your support to gather other items for their creations.  

When we begin to create we will welcome any assistance and sewing machines.  The dates for this will be advised so stay tuned.

If you have any questions regarding this process please email us.

August 2, 2016

Author Visit

Today we were lucky enough to have REAL authors come and share their published stories with us.  We learnt that the writing process we follow at school is very much the same as the process published authors follow.
We had lots of questions to ask.
Many thanks to Mrs Cameron for inviting our guests to Frankley School.