June 27, 2016

Connecting and Communicating

We have joined up with Ashhurst School in Palmerston North and now have blog buddies who are the same age as us.  This is going to be lots of fun and we will get to see what other kids are doing in another part of the country.

We will also be posting our own work onto our blogs.

We have been learning about how we can be safe online.  Here are some of the things we came up with:
  • following the rules and guidelines
  • good and sensible communication
  • be a responsible digital citizen
  • consider how am I advertising myself
  • post relevant things that will make you and your parents proud
  • remember it will be there forever
  • never give our details to anyone, no last names, no addresses/locations, no phone numbers
  • protecting passwords and not letting anyone else have them.
  • be selective about uploading pictures - make sure they are responsible and relevant
  • share the love (interact with our buddies, don't just expect them to visit you)
  • be cautious at home as well as school.
  • irresponsible use and comments CAN be tracked