June 28, 2016

Shared lunch this Friday 1 July

Dear families of Team 67
On Friday 1 July we would like to have a shared lunch to farewell two of our students.  While we are sad to say goodbye these families are off on new adventures - in Australia and Taupo.
If you are able to send along a plate on Friday that would be appreciated.
Many Thanks
Team 67

June 27, 2016

Connecting and Communicating

We have joined up with Ashhurst School in Palmerston North and now have blog buddies who are the same age as us.  This is going to be lots of fun and we will get to see what other kids are doing in another part of the country.

We will also be posting our own work onto our blogs.

We have been learning about how we can be safe online.  Here are some of the things we came up with:
  • following the rules and guidelines
  • good and sensible communication
  • be a responsible digital citizen
  • consider how am I advertising myself
  • post relevant things that will make you and your parents proud
  • remember it will be there forever
  • never give our details to anyone, no last names, no addresses/locations, no phone numbers
  • protecting passwords and not letting anyone else have them.
  • be selective about uploading pictures - make sure they are responsible and relevant
  • share the love (interact with our buddies, don't just expect them to visit you)
  • be cautious at home as well as school.
  • irresponsible use and comments CAN be tracked

June 26, 2016

Chapter Chat

Are you curious about Chapter Chat learning that Team67 are involved in?  

Follow us on Twitter @67bonnie so that you can see the learning and collaborating we are involved in.

June 23, 2016

Thanks Lois!

Two weeks ago we were lucky to have Lois (Ava's Nana) spend time with us showing Team 67 how to make birds out of clay.  After they had some drying time, we decided to add some colour - look how they turned out!
Thanks so much for your time and knowledge Lois.
We look forward to you coming back!

June 22, 2016

Support our local Kindy - and learn important skills!

Kahikatea Kindergarten & St John:
Child First Aid Course
Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th June  6.30pm
Split over two nights – 2 ½ hours per night

Recommended for parents, grandparents, caregivers and babysitters, this vital course will teach you how to cope with injuries that commonly happen to children.

At a discounted rate of only $55 per person, this course is NZQA credited, and everybody gets a certificate on completion.  please inquire about registering for NZQA Unit Standard if you are after this qualification

Topics Covered Include:
·       Scene Assessment
·       CPR
·       Managing Choking
·       Control of Bleeding
·       Severe Allergy Reactions
·       Broken Bones
·       Breathing Problems
·       Seizures
·       Burns
·       Poisoning

Come along and learn how to SAVE A LIFE!!!!!

Numbers are limited so book in your name with Denise at the Kahikatea Kindergarten office now!!!  Phone 7534 989


Check us out!  Today we took some Kahoot challenges.  It was loads of fun and you can try it at home.  Search for a topic and get your phones, tablets and laptops ready. 

June 21, 2016


It appears we may have NITS in Team 67 ..... please check all hair tonight and make sure girls have their hair tied up - this helps avoid crawling......

June 17, 2016

Team 67 is Tweeting

Team 67 have joined Twitter and we are enthusiastically involved in Chapter Chat NZ.  The class is all logged in on a Team67 account and are interacting with other primary school students across New Zealand.
The students are responding to comprehension questions and tasks while collaborating and networking with students from schools across NZ.

If you have any questions regarding this process please pop in and see Wendy or Bonnie.

Reading with our buddies

Today we had some of our buddies from Room 5 visit.  They bought some books along to read to us... and then we got the chance to read to them.

Some of these children have only been at school for 3 weeks and they were VERY good readers.

The time went too quick - next time we want a longer time to read with our buddies.

Grandparents Day in T67

June 13, 2016

Grandparents Day 2016

On Wednesday 15 June11:30am 

Grandparents are invited to spend the day back at school.

Come along, spend the morning in class and learn alongside your grandchild.

June 5, 2016

Library Library Library!

Mrs Cameron has said we can use the Library on TUESDAY!

Please bring your library books - have a great hunt around home this long weekend.
Your teachers have a challenge for you Tuesday so we need to make sure you are able to take books out!

June 3, 2016

Creating Clay Birds with Lois

Today we were lucky to have Ava and her Nana (Lois Parkes) teach us a pottery lesson on how to create birds.

Each bird is unique and special.   

Next week, when they are dry, we will paint them...
Stay tuned for the finished flock of birds