May 25, 2016

May 20, 2016

Well Done to our TEAM 67 Students!

What wonderful Student Led Conferences we have had this week.

Some were EXCITED, some were NERVOUS, but all our students were able to share their goals for their learning.

Mrs Mills and Mrs Parkes were very proud of you all.

If someone special in your whanau missed your presentation show them your blog as your slideshows are on there - if you didn't get the chance today to embed your slideshow to your blog Mrs Parkes will run a workshop on Monday to show you how.  

Make sure you sign up for it!

Also weather dependent : 
Scooter training will be on Wednesday 25 May.
Lets cross our fingers and toes for sunshine! 

May 16, 2016

Student Learning Conferences

Yippee it's Student Learning Conference time!

These conferences are an opportunity for your child to share with you, their learning.

These are NOT teacher led interviews.

It is a time for your child to shine, share and articulate their goals.

Make sure to ASK them questions about their presentation.
ASK to see their books.
ASK to see where they like to work and what learning they are proud of.

We are VERY proud of our Team 67 learners.

If at any time you want a teacher led interview you are more than welcome to email us to arrange a time.

See you Tuesday and Thursday

May 15, 2016

Just a friendly reminder ...

We love the fact that our Team 67 learners can't wait to get to school.  However on Friday we had 10 of our students (and their younger siblings) who had arrived at 8am in our 'lounge'.  Whilst we appreciate everyone has busy lives, we need this time before the bell goes to gather resources, plan, discuss our students, and organise our day, and it is easier for us if this time is 'student free'.
If your child arrives at school before 8.30 they will need to wait out by the office (if the weather is fine) or they can sit out on our deck area (if wet).

Thanks for your understanding.

Wendy and Bonnie.

May 10, 2016

Look at our learners!

We are becoming self-directed learners in Team 67.

Here we are during literacy time.  Some of us are in workshops with the teachers, some of us are reading worldwide news, some of us are perfecting our handwriting style, some of us are producing google slides, some of us are reading quietly to ourselves, some of us are working collaboratively with our peers.... 


May 6, 2016

Do you make these sandwiches every morning?

Mrs Mills and Mrs Parkes are really sad to find this delicious looking package of sandwiches thrown away EVERY DAY! We have spoken to all Team 67 children about how important it is to tell Mum or Dad if they do not like their sandwiches. Otherwise they are wasting money. Perhaps the owner of these sandwiches could make their own lunch ? I wonder if you recognise these ?