April 29, 2016

Welcome to Term Two!

Welcome back to school!


Mrs Mills and Mrs Parkes have had fabulous holidays.
We hope you have too.

Here are a few reminders so you are ready to hit the ground running on Monday.

Our library day has CHANGED.  Bring your holiday books on MONDAY please.  Our day is now Monday.

Home Readers are given out every MONDAY.  You must have your BOOKBAGS at school with your home reader and NOTEBOOK every day please.

You are able to email your parents and they are able to email you but please remember to CC in one of your teachers to keep you safe.

Your child has spelling words taken from errors in their writing or from the chunk of the week.  These are set on Monday, practised at home and school during the week and tested Friday.
All of this takes place in your NOTEBOOKS.

Student Led Conferences are coming up - watch this space!

On Wednesday the 18th May we have a scooter skills training day.
If your child does not have access to a scooter please see Bonnie or Wendy and we can sort one out for you.

We are really excited about the learning that is going to take place in Team 67 this term.
Parents our doors are always open - or we are only an email away.

Wendy and Bonnie