February 9, 2016

Important Information For Team 67 Students and Parents

Team67.png Term 1
Starting the day
The bell goes at 8:55am.  It is important for your child to be at school before the bell goes to unpack and have time to socialise and play.  We encourage students to be independent and organise their belongings
  • water and snack in the classroom
  • books returned
Home Learning
Home learning is setup to support the learning that takes place in class. We believe that regular reading, learning spelling lists and basic facts are important.  Apps and websites to support the reading, spelling and basic facts are linked on our class blog.
We will not be sending home 'sheets' of work to keep children 'busy'.
We also acknowledge that the children’s lives are full of activities outside of school hours, and we support the extra curricular activities that the students are involved in. We would like to set up a culture within the team that home learning is self directed and enjoyable for the children.

The team will visit the Library as part of their Literacy Programme. Issues and returns will be each Tuesday and the students will visit on a Friday for research purposes.  Home Readers and Library Books must be transported to and from school in a Book Bag (available from the office).

Team 67 Blog & Individual Learning Blogs
Our main method of communication will be via the Blog.  
Click here for Team 67 Blog.  You must subscribe to Team 67’s Blog, your child’s individual Blog and the school website to obtain up to date notices, newsletters and communication.  Each child’s individual learning blog can also be accessed via the link.  We encourage you to comment on your child’s learning and acknowledge that this is their learning journey so please view rather than edit and correct.  Games, apps and support for home learning is also found on the blog.

Discovery Programme
This term we will offer Discovery Time to our students on Friday mornings. This is an opportunity for the students to develop their oral language skills, self management skills, social and cooperative skills, and fine motor skills in a variety of creative settings. Over the term we will have various themes and focuses that the students will work towards.

Our Team Values
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Safe and secure learning environments
  • Creative learning
  • Student teacher & whānau partnerships  

We believe that during year 3 and 4 it is an exciting time for the children as they consolidate their foundation learning and continue to develop their self-management skills including independence, friendships and social skills. Children transition from parallel play to interactive play. They begin to understand rules for games and the concept or winning and losing along with fair play. We witness students developing academically, socially and emotionally and we feel privileged to support your child on their learning journey.

Contacting the team teachers
If you would like to discuss your child’s learning, please contact the classroom teacher to arrange a suitable time. Student Talents Interests and Needs Conferences will be held in Week 3, further details will be send out soon.

If you have any queries or concerns please chat with us.  Our email addresses are wendyp@frankley.school.nz or bonnie@frankley.school.nz

Kind regards
Wendy and Bonnie

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