February 29, 2016

Aquatics Display

Sea Life, Swimming,

Room 67 & 8
Aquatics Display

Thursday 3 March

Come along to the school pool to see the class demonstrations.  On completion, you are most welcome to share a picnic lunch with your child.

February 28, 2016

Discovery Time

Focussing on the Key Competencies

“Key Competencies are the beating heart of education” (Guy Claxton)

And they are the very essence of Discovery Time.

In Team 67 we couldn't agree more Mr Guy Claxton..... check out our kids doing what they do best.


February 21, 2016


Where have all the book bags gone?

Time for a Sunday search!

Forgotten what a book bag is?

We cant wait to start sending books home in them for you all.

3D Creations - Please help

We need recycled materials for our mathematics.  We are  learning about 3D shapes.


We need:
cereal boxes
muesli bar boxes
cans (washed)
and any packaging that can be used to create a 3D robot.

Please send these items into school a.s.a.p.

Many thanks
Team 67

February 17, 2016

Creating Minions and Self Portraits

This week Team 67 have been creating some bright artworks to display in the rooms.  Working in the heat of the afternoon we have:

  • followed instructions
  • completed our learning via a step by step process
  • discussed and shared our specific feedback to each other
Via the visual art process, it is interesting to observe individual student's learning traits and personalities.  A lot can be seen via an art lesson.
We enjoyed getting to know about the children's whānau, interests, and stories they have to share.

February 9, 2016


Date: Tuesday 16 February 2016  Venue: Belt Road Rock Pools, Ngamotu Beach.

In order to link in with the tides (Low 10.57 – 0.9m, high 17.09 - 3.0m), our visit, weather depending, is to take place on Tuesday 16 of February, at the Belt Road rock pools and Ngamotu beach.  There is NO POSTPONEMENT DATE.  If the weather is unsuitable the picnic will be CANCELLED.  Please listen to the 93.2 More FM, following 8:00am news.
Children will have the opportunity to have a swim at Ngamotu beach under close supervision from staff and parents.  Children will use NPDC changing rooms.
We do require at least 4 adults per room to be in the water from 11:30 -12:00 (Senior), 12:00 - 12:30 (Middle), 1:45 - 2:15 (Junior)  

Please contact the office if you are able to assist.  Report to the beach area at 11:15am admin@frankley.school.nz

Team 67 needs 8 parents who are coming to our school picnic next Tuesday to get into the water with our team.  Team 67 plan to be in the water at Ngamotu beach at  12 Noon for our scheduled swim.
Can you help?
Please let Bonnie, Wendy or the Office know if you are able to assist.
Thank You!

Important Information For Team 67 Students and Parents

Team67.png Term 1
Starting the day
The bell goes at 8:55am.  It is important for your child to be at school before the bell goes to unpack and have time to socialise and play.  We encourage students to be independent and organise their belongings
  • water and snack in the classroom
  • books returned
Home Learning
Home learning is setup to support the learning that takes place in class. We believe that regular reading, learning spelling lists and basic facts are important.  Apps and websites to support the reading, spelling and basic facts are linked on our class blog.
We will not be sending home 'sheets' of work to keep children 'busy'.
We also acknowledge that the children’s lives are full of activities outside of school hours, and we support the extra curricular activities that the students are involved in. We would like to set up a culture within the team that home learning is self directed and enjoyable for the children.

The team will visit the Library as part of their Literacy Programme. Issues and returns will be each Tuesday and the students will visit on a Friday for research purposes.  Home Readers and Library Books must be transported to and from school in a Book Bag (available from the office).

Team 67 Blog & Individual Learning Blogs
Our main method of communication will be via the Blog.  
Click here for Team 67 Blog.  You must subscribe to Team 67’s Blog, your child’s individual Blog and the school website to obtain up to date notices, newsletters and communication.  Each child’s individual learning blog can also be accessed via the link.  We encourage you to comment on your child’s learning and acknowledge that this is their learning journey so please view rather than edit and correct.  Games, apps and support for home learning is also found on the blog.

Discovery Programme
This term we will offer Discovery Time to our students on Friday mornings. This is an opportunity for the students to develop their oral language skills, self management skills, social and cooperative skills, and fine motor skills in a variety of creative settings. Over the term we will have various themes and focuses that the students will work towards.

Our Team Values
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Safe and secure learning environments
  • Creative learning
  • Student teacher & whānau partnerships  

We believe that during year 3 and 4 it is an exciting time for the children as they consolidate their foundation learning and continue to develop their self-management skills including independence, friendships and social skills. Children transition from parallel play to interactive play. They begin to understand rules for games and the concept or winning and losing along with fair play. We witness students developing academically, socially and emotionally and we feel privileged to support your child on their learning journey.

Contacting the team teachers
If you would like to discuss your child’s learning, please contact the classroom teacher to arrange a suitable time. Student Talents Interests and Needs Conferences will be held in Week 3, further details will be send out soon.

If you have any queries or concerns please chat with us.  Our email addresses are wendyp@frankley.school.nz or bonnie@frankley.school.nz

Kind regards
Wendy and Bonnie

Photo on 2-02-16 at 10.jpg

February 8, 2016

A note from our Library ......

Notes from our library:
Holiday reading returns are tumbling back in and I'm looking forward to masses more this week. From now on we'll be back to our usual two issues a week, although many of our avid readers choose to issue more. To protect our books when we're juggling them with wet swimming gear in backpacks it would be great if you can ensure that your child has their book bag. If not, new ones are available for $5 at the office..
'The family that reads together succeeds together' photo competition
It's not too late to get your holiday reading competition photos in. (If you forgot to take them, why not just pretend and create some this week!) We'll close the competition off this Friday 12th. Please send them to jackie@frankley.school.nz and as we did last year, we'll have our new team of Book Buddies selecting the finalists for a National Library advisor to choose our winners.
Jackie Cameron
Frankley Library

February 5, 2016


An Invitation To All Parents/Caregivers.

Invitation to Year 3 - 6 Parents

We would like to invite you to a short session in Room 11 next Wednesday 10 February where Cecile Elliot (SNZ Education Adviser) will be available to  outline the Kiwi Swim Safe programme (this is a focus within our swimming programme), its benefits and the holistic approach to swimming and survival skills, both in the pool and in the classroom.
We will be starting the session at 4.15. Please could you RSVP by email to merryl@frankley.school.nz or to your child's class teacher.

If you know of anyone else who may be interested in attending. please do pass this message on.
Kind regards

Merryl McAllister

Merryl McAllister
Deputy Principal
Frankley School


Maintain a challenging learning to learn community that responds to the interests, needs and talents of our learners.

Positive difference, Creative learner, Effective communicator.

February 4, 2016

Learning in Team 67

Today in Team 67 we met with Room 8 and the teachers shared some information about themselves with Google Slides.  The children had the opportunity to look at the slides, and then work in small groups to answer a quiz about each teacher.  It was exciting for the teachers to see the teamwork that took place, the ability to remember facts, and the powers of persuasion some group members had to use in order to convince their team that their answer was the right one!

It was fun to share a little bit about us with our students and next week our students will do a similar activity and post their own google slide to their blogs.

Please take the time to have a look at our slideshows - and we would love you to leave a comment!

Wendy and Bonnie.

All about Mrs Mills

All about Mrs Parkes

February 2, 2016

Welcome to 2016

Welcome to you all!

One more sleep till school!  We are so excited to be starting the year with two new teachers and a new name for Rooms 6 and 7 at Frankley School.

From now on we are TEAM 67.

Your class teachers are Mrs Bonnie Mills and Mrs Wendy Parkes.  We have been in at school for the last two weeks setting up.

Now all we need are the excited, energetic, ready to learn students - that we have at Frankley School.

Together we will learn to make a Positive Difference, become Creative Learners, and Effective Communicators.

Nau Mai 

Wendy and Bonnie

February 1, 2016

Meet Mrs Mills

2000px-GR-OEO-67.svg.png 2000px-GR-OEO-67.svg.png 2000px-GR-OEO-67.svg.png 2000px-GR-OEO-67.svg.png 2000px-GR-OEO-67.svg.png 2000px-GR-OEO-67.svg.png 2000px-GR-OEO-67.svg.png

letterhme.jpg A warm hello to all the families of Team 67.

My name is Bonnie Mills and I am delighted to be collaboratively teaching Team 67 with Wendy Parkes.  I am an experienced teacher and have taught a range of levels.   I have previously taught at Central School and on the North Shore in Auckland.  I am dedicated to supporting my students and ensure that they feel safe and secure to reach their potential.  

My family and I moved to New Plymouth three years ago and absolutely love the Taranaki lifestyle.  I am married to Toby and we have three boys Josh, Ryan and Benjamin.  Prior to teaching I spent five years in the Royal New Zealand Navy.

I am a passionate teacher and the needs and interests of my students are central to my teaching approach.  I hold high expectations for the students, I am firm but fair when managing behaviour and encourage all students to take risks with their learning.   I am excited by the many opportunities available for the students and staff at Frankley School. Together we will learn to make a positive difference, become a creative learner and an effective communicator.

I appreciate your support and I value open communication.  I look forward to working with your child and getting to know the Frankley School community.

Meet Mrs Parkes

A big HELLO  to my future students and parents of Team 67!

cv pic.jpg

It is with this letter that I wish to introduce myself to you all.  Some of you may know me from my time teaching in both Room 11 and Room 5 last year.  For those of you who don’t, I am Wendy Parkes ( Mrs ).  I am married to Rob and will have two children attending Frankley School in 2016.  I have been teaching for 16 years,  in Hawera, London and then Vogeltown, Central and Frankley Primary Schools right here in New Plymouth. I have taught in all areas of Primary education.  New entrants right through to Year 6.   I am passionate about teaching and really keen to get stuck back into full time teaching now my children are older.  I am excited about the opportunities for our tamariki in today’s education.  Even in my years of teaching, the way teaching and learning has evolved astounds me, and I am in turn constantly adapting my pedagogy.  I only want the best for the children in my class and will do my best to make that happen. I am human and  I do need my communities support.  The well coined saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is very true.  Please make sure you come in to see us with any information we may need about your child, any queries, questions or complaints you have.  Our doors in Team 67 are always open, our emails get read and we are very open to suggestions if you have them.  We cannot address issues if they are not brought to our attention and I believe I have always had an open book relationship with my students and their whanau alike in my career.  I want our kids to be excited about their learning and enjoy the journey they are on.

I am so excited about what 2016 will bring for us all.

Mrs Mills and I cant wait to get started!

Kind Regards
Wendy Parkes.